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Meet Shelly

 I’m a portrait artist, specializing in high school senior portraits,   also  creative heirloom photography of women.  Corporate headshots and branding assignments also play a big role in our studio.  

When you come to our studio, we'll take the time to get to know and understand how you want to be portrayed before we ever start talking about locations, wardrobes, or other details. 

A little bit about me ... My favorite color is leopard-print. Avocados and shrimp mean that God really does love me. I adore my husband. I tend to take off my shoes and leave them under tables and desks. My pets have me very well-trained. Raising five sons, now all grown, I have survived towers of laundry and refrigerator re-stocking marathons. And it’s a good thing that I know I can’t carry a tune, or I WOULD spontaneously burst into song in public places at inappropriate times.

In front of my camera, you become family to me. You get a whole lot of love mixed in with a few corny jokes -- but we never do "cheesy"  unless of course you specifically WANT cheesy. We’ll draw out your best features and your individuality, and you’ll have fun, whether you intend to or not. And we will create heirloom quality art that will live throughout the ages.

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